Politics as usual, still the order of the day!

Published Brownsville Herald – November 26, 2006  As many of you know, who follow my attempts at bringing a little “Common Sense” into a perspective of how our representatives manage our community and its resources; I am an “info junky” and read – listen – and watch, a lot of news from a variety of […]

Will the City Fathers take the right direction?

Published Brownsville Herald, November 12, 2006  A friend, who I consider to be a real patriot, sent me the following first paragraph to a political editorial:  “In January a slate of career politicians who stand against the rights of the individual, against fiscal responsibility and against any semblance of limited and responsible government will be […]

Civil War as an extension of the old Cold War or a “Culture War”

Occupying much of the news and the talk shows in the last few days has been a poor choice of words on the part of former Democrat candidate for President John Kerry. Reported as a joke gone bad or a peek at Mr. Kerry’s real sentiments, many in his own party are distancing themselves from […]