Solving all the Political Problems

In May the Federal Government removed a little tax that was tacked on phone bills in 1898 to pay for the Spanish American War. It began as a luxury tax of one cent for each call and grew to three percent of the total phone bill. How often have we heard the additional tax to pay […]

Port Officials are still politicians not maritime professionals

Published Brownsville Herald 7/15/2007  On June 10, The Brownsville Herald, published Dan Reyna’s view on his perception of Port of Brownsville “faux pas” and pointed to the development of the small fishing Port of Mezquital. As I have mentioned in my articles previously, I am professionally involved in the Maritime industry and have been disappointed by […]

The Rules – what –when – where – why and how?

Published 7/1/2007 My most recent articles have been focused on the creation of and RULES to fix things that may not be broken or to find new ways to create more power and control over “us folks”. Some of these “rules” are well intended but poorly implemented, such as an attempt at agricultural quarantine being conducted […]