Libertarians are Looking for a few good folks

Throughout the country, the media is full of surveys, studies and anecdotal opinion contributions, expressing disgust with the current crop of politicians that were charged with representing us. The administration has lost most of the confidence of the nation and the only thing worse is the Congress which has recently posted in the low teens […]

Do we need a revolution

Published Brownsville Herald 9/23/2007 As I read the internet comments and those in the local papers, it seems that the folks perceive that politicians have little or no interest beyond getting elected and increasing their power to control government spending and thereby the control of our lives. The main difference between the predominate parties is […]

“Confidence or no confidence – that is the question”

Published Brownsville Herald September 9, 2007  This month completes three years of Common Sense Columns in the Brownsville Herald, and it has been an exhilarating time. In the first two years I was amazed that my articles were accessed more than 60,000 times on my internet site; in just the last year the articles were re-read […]