What I want in a president

PublishedBrownsville Herald April 20, 2008

In recent columns the subject has been the loss of our freedoms as related to politics. Also as I mentioned previously the elites are step by step moving our world and in particular our nation towards a dictatorship of the politicos supported by the religion of the state. One only has to look at the candidates’ rhetoric related to experience such as perceiving folks in small towns as leaning on religion or their firearms as a crutch. That comes off as Marxist “elite” tome. In the same vein we cannot forget the excessive legal challenges to the way some celebrate the joy of their religions publically to get a sense of the prevailing directions. As a minimum I would prefer my representative –or even president – to be a person like my dad or mom. 

I would expect someone with the ability to evaluate situations, determine when other advice is needed, secure several points of view, then based on needs of the time make a decision (which may be not to make one at all).  My president should be fair and honest as well as highly motivated, and most of all, be able to communicate the realities of government to us, in a manner that we can understand. I am also presuming a modest education and experience that provided skills in management. Most of the other stuff that is being touted, really relates to information that should be provided by staff.  Mr. Carter demonstrated that the most educated and intelligent did not make the best President while Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Truman demonstrated that real life skills were more important. 

The saving grace is that even if we elect the wrong guy, power is distributed in such a way that Congress can really undue most Presidential mistakes. Everything that the President does can be thwarted or overridden by a disbelieving Congressional sense even to the point of removing a really bad one. I for one would like to see more “real people” than those “bred” to be elite. I like the Lincolns and Trumans of our past and even feel that the sense of America was very strong when an Actor, Ronald Regan played the role needed better than most could have done at that time in history. 

I wonder how well Mark Twain would have done or what our nation would have accomplished under a Audie Murphy. Further, during the progress of many past elections we are often told vote for me because the guy in the third – smaller party can’t win regardless of his excellent qualities and great political focus. That is indeed elitist! We need only look back to the 1800’s when a new third party was able to successfully elect Abraham Lincoln. Where would we be today if “We the people” had not voted for the best candidate rather than the “least worst” candidate of the major parties? 

 Another consideration is that when we vote for the “least worst” we are giving that person a public mandate to work towards all the policies that were part of that campaign. I would love to see a presidential election that was decided by negotiation in the Electoral College by electors representing a number of parties and policies. Perhaps it would mute the extreme directions that all too frequently lead us in the wrong direction or just roadblocks the good stuff that needs to be accomplished. Mostly our system badly needs more “citizen statesmen” candidates to run for office and bring us back on track. It is a shame that many offices go uncontested year after year. That just tells the incumbent that he is perfect and need not improve regardless of his or her accomplishments. It also makes it much easier to breed a system of corruption in public service as the personal power expands and there is no need to be competent. For evidence all we need to do is look at the office holders and their “supporting power backers” when you see instances of improper stewardship. 

In the coming political season, I urge you to examine each candidate, not just by party affiliation. Look at  the person to see if he or she represents your hopes for yourself, your family and community. Check with a variety of news media and political analysis – don’t just depend on the local paper pick up a news magazine as well. We must remember that there are more than just one television news analysis show. The Comedy Channel, CNN, Fox News, NBC and CBS offer different perspectives. It is all too easy to just focus on the candidates and policies our friends tell us are good and vote our liberties away at every election. Most of all attend local forums such as The South Texans for Good Government, political party meetings as well as those provided by our local University then support the candidate you believe in and vote. 

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  1. I love the new format.

    We have become a nation of shoppers, not thinkers.

    “Learn to check outside the box.”