Election Year is coming

 Published Brownsville Herald  Jan 4, 2010 My inspiration, Thomas Paine, once said of government in his book Common Sense “We furnish the means by which we suffer”. The vote and acceptance of the “party line” are where we furnish that means. In looking back at 200 plus years of bureaucracy; what our public leaders have […]

Looking Back and Then to 2010

 Published  Brownsbille Herald  December 21 ,2009 The Holiday Season is on us now the turkey is a warm feeling in the tummy and strains of Christmas music are just arriving. That warmth and optimism that only this season can engender seems to be slow to arrive. The realities of the New Year portending little improvement […]

Who are the Libertarians?

Published Brownsville Herald 12/6/2009 In the last several months there has been a growing interest in a political choice with goals other than expanding the power of the government. The “Tea Party” and “9-12” meetings have stirred new life in small government, responsible spending and an economy based on free trade and enterprise. In the […]