I am not going to take this anymore

Published Brownsville Herald March 1, 2010 As time goes on the ridiculousness of the antics of what are supposed to be our representatives in the administration of our nation. These folks are supposed to be working in our best interests. Instead our Congressman cowers to the Congressperson from that bastion of “sensibility?” San Francisco. He […]

Where do we go next

Published Brownsville Herald Feb 15, 2010 Our leaders must be told that the economy must be the number one priority at every level of public administration. Our neighbors need to get back to work and the government must pay its debt. In our area most work is substantially related to farm products, twin plant manufacturing, […]

The 2010 Election

Published The Brownsville Herald Feb 1, 2010 The election of 2010 is shaping up. The Democrats had a good majority in the Congress, the country in their hands, the Republicans blamed for the problems, and the potential of building a new version of Camelot. The folks really felt good about President Obama. Then on Jan. […]