Economy: To improve or not

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 31, 2011 President Obama recently said he wants to put our economy into overdrive in an effort to appear to be governing from the political middle. The goal sounds good and has worked in the past, but the primary focus should certainly not be by government fiat. One can just look […]

New decade, new politics?

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 17, 2011 We are now solidly in a new decade with problems, issues and just plain garbage left over from the past. Politicians take care of us like they took care of the native Americans in the past, the southern Reconstruction after the Civil War and the liberated Africans. They take […]

Issues do not change

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 3, 2010 With but few exceptions since I started writing this column, the first commentary of each new year has related to our public officials being seen as doing something — anything — to solve immigration, improve jobs and improve the economy, though mostly fixing immigration and improving the economy were […]