Yet another illegal war

Published Brownsville Herald March 28, 2011 President Obama recently started another illegal war. We’ve already had several such wars in Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly secretly elsewhere, that are drawing a great price in our dead children and the financial costs that have already pushed our poor financial condition to the brink. The president has […]

Politics 101 opens classes

Published Brownsville Herald March 14, 2011 Last weekend exploded into some real community politics that I thought was being washed from our community by changes at the polls. However, it seems that the “the government has to do it for me” attitude still prevails in our community and there are those that want to become […]

Free trade does not kill jobs

Published Brownsville Herald February 29, 2011 The best possible circumstances all result from free trade; the worst result from nanny government control. Those in favor of socialism often mis-describe, or just misunderstand, international trade. A September letter to the editor from Jesse Dorsett asserted that if President Lincoln were alive today he would have added […]