Looking for new leaders

Published Brownsville Herald December 19 2011

I was sitting at at my desk wondering where new honest political leaders can be found. The experience many have is that those that we hear about in public service are doing things we don’t approve of, are corrupt or just don’t get elected after spending substantial sums of money.
All of those things are unattractive and the job is not stable and does not provide a consistent income over a period. Let’s face it: That kind of public service just does not assure a stable income.
We still need to identify future political leaders and provide the technical information needed to research the requirements of the elected office and how to become knowledgeable about it.
Let us remember that our forefathers designed the process as a part-time job. It was thought that anyone who could maintain his household and his business or estate could become a congressman or other elected official.
It was also thought that the legislative process would be a parttime job if the legislators were honest and serious about the work at hand. The folks here in Texas believed that also and made it stick. Things work very well with a parttime legislature. Perhaps the U.S. Congress would do a better job were it a part-time one, as perceived by our forefathers.
One of our own is currently running, and for the first time in many tries he has hit his stride and is holding a spot near the top of those Republicans in the race.
In my mind Ron Paul is a libertarian. I met him on June 10, 2006, at the Texas State Libertarian Convention. He gave me an autographed copy of the Constitution of the United States, prefaced with remarks, as he often does when he meets someone.
Of particular meaning to me was the following:
“The Constitution and those who have sworn to uphold it are not perfect, and it’s understandable that abuse occurs. But it shouldn’t be acceptable.
“Without meticulous adherence to the principle of the rule of law, minor infractions become commonplace and the Constitution loses all meaning.” — Ron Paul.
It seems that for the first time in many years large numbers are concerned about the weakening of the Constitution by Congress and the administration, and Congressman Paul is running very well according the various news reports. Currently he is approaching the point of the most popular candidate in the Republican field, where in the past he rarely reached polling in excess of 10 percent.
In the last few years the libertarians have been searching for new folks to run in elections for the first time. They would assign professional political advisers to help them prepare. Only a few accepted the challenge.
Perhaps the reluctance was engendered by an affiliation with the apparent “third-best” party.
I think the concept is still good and would like to see a group of folks who are interested in politics to mentor young people and prepare them for political office. In order to see some success, I suspect the political ideals would have to be varied with some Democrats, Republicans and independents providing the guidance.
I would like to see a place where interested young people, or just people young at heart, could come together to share their ideas and learn how the political system works and then become involved in it.
I have participated as a Democrat, a Republican and most recently as a Libertarian. I have seen good ideas and troublesome ones as well in all three political views.
I would like to hear from anyone who agrees that there is room for an independent group to help aspiring politicians reach their goals. I would like to participate working toward a goal of “love for liberty,” as referred to in Dr. Paul’s comments:
“Without a renewed love for liberty and confidence in its results, it will be difficult if not impossible to restore once again the rule of law under the Constitution.” We are blessed to have a group of young people who that have earned the opportunity and the right to help mold the future of our country. Our returning warriors should have a part in determining what the future of our country should look like. Perhaps there are others who would like to get together a help them solidify their ideals into a real future for the meaning of the Constitution and the improvement of the administration of our homeland.