Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Yes he is still alive and well and will be appearing at NYCB Theatre at Westbury 960 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 8:00 PM. He will be playing around California early next year.

What makes a leader?

Published Brownsville Herald January 17, 2012 We now have a peek at what our political leaders and potential political leaders are like, and to be candid I am certainly less than happy with any of them, from the highest in the land to our local community. The best choice available will be the best of […]

New generation of politics

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 2,2012 I would like to wish you all a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Let us all take the coming election choices seriously in hopes our chosen candidates do not contribute in making the situation worse. Many of our neighbors seem to be deeply concerned with their perceptions of the […]