New generation of politics

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 2,2012

I would like to wish you all a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Let us all take the coming election choices seriously in hopes our chosen candidates do not contribute in making the situation worse.
Many of our neighbors seem to be deeply concerned with their perceptions of the candidates. More than 2 million voters have left both the Democratic and Republican parties since the last presidential election, and the number of independent voters continues to grow. A USA Today analysis of state voter registration statistics shows registered Democrats have declined in 25 of the 28 states that register voters by party. Republicans dipped in 21 states, and independents increased in 18 states. In eight of the “swing” states, Democrats’ registration is down by 800,000 and Republicans’ by 350,000. Independents have gained 325,000.
It is quite apparent that a large portion of the voters are very concerned with their traditional voting choices and have had their confidence in our leadership severely shaken. My confidences in the political leadership at all levels in all three main parties, Libertarian, Republican and Democrat, are in serious doubt.
Worse yet, I see very few leaders in training with much promise.
Most of the leaders in those labeled as Republicans or Democrats are mostly “Demopublican” or Repubocrat” big-government types who are pushing us toward an economic meltdown that continues to chip away at our freedoms. They portend to get us into never-ending undeclared wars just so they look like they are strong and are needed to preserve the freedoms we are losing daily.
This consumption of our resources pushes ever closer to that of a welfare state. We can look down the road in our past to the “lost Jamestown Colony” of historic colonial times. That is what awaits us.
Our citizens do not need to be controlled and legislated into automatons that just support the politicos.
Consider the recent controls that the administration wants to establish by controlling medicine. They seem to have a vision of a world ruled by the government with a law to determine how every one must live and uses taxation to control this.
When someone is successful they limit how profitable that individual can be by raising the tax outrageously rather than allowing the profits to be reinvested and provide for newer and more efficient products that would require better jobs for others to make them.
Our new leaders need to evolve a movement into a small-government party.
Americans are seeing a lot in common by comparing the Republicans and Democrats of today with the evolving lack of popularity of Sears and Kmart; the same old products and displays just doesn’t attract the more sophisticated customer anymore.
We have evolved and need to motivate a new segment of citizen leader similar to the Eisenhowers and Kennedys just following the world wars.
There are young heroes who have the passion and motivation to be the nation’s saviors. They are just returning from the battlefield.
All they need is to have those passions and leadership skills that have been honed on the field of battle translated into the language of politics, and then to be motivated to develop a concept of a leaner, more efficient government that would be similar to that of the parttime government that our founders envisioned.
What we do not need are more politicos creating more and more government to support them.
In the coming election I will be looking for candidates who will do the least harm and allow us to keep more of our hard-earned wages or profits that can be reinvested in newer and better products.
We need to encourage more Michael Dells, who build and market better and more affordable products by starting from a garage and marketing directly. Those products then motivate others to build and market supporting products, but only if they can use profits to expand and evolve.
A greedy government that goes into debt in order to create more needs for government services is counterproductive and only creates more folks who are merely slaves to the government charity. We need a new way of envisioning government and our recently liberated military folks are just the kind we need to build a new kind of more efficient government