New battles over health care

Published Brownsville Herald 2/27/2012 This summer I will have lived in Brownsville 27 years, which is longer than I have lived anywhere else; that includes northern New York, Florida, several military postings in support of the war in Vietnam, Guam, New York City and northern New Jersey. When asked I proudly claim Brownsville as my […]

These oldies are still around

Tommy James & The Shondells can still be seen at Friday, March 23rd 2012 RIVER SPIRIT CASINO EVENT CENTER 7PM SHOWTIME Tulsa, Oklahoma Friday, May 18th 2012 JOHN A. WALKER COMMUNITY CENTER 8PM SHOWTIME Wilkesboro, North Carolina Friday June 8th 2012 SHOOTING STAR CASINO EVENT CENTER Mahnomen, Minnesota Friday, July 14th 2012 HEARTLAND EVENTS CENTER […]

Battles on the health-care front

Published Brownsville Herald 2/13/2012 Our insurance company refused to pay a recent medical charge, saying the document said Medicare was to pay the amount. As it happens, the Department of Veterans Affairs never collected it from Medicare and refused to present any other bill against my insurer. The company said that the document indicates that […]

ObamaCare isn’t paying – New Politics?

Original Feb 9. 2012 When the document was presented to Our Federal Blue Cross insurance, they refused to pay the amount because the document says that it is what Medicare pays. As it happens, the VA never collects it from Medicare and refuses to present any other bill against my Blue Cross. Blue Cross says […]

Politics and reality

Published Brownsville Herald 1/30/2012 Like many I watched the president’s State of the Union speech last Tuesday night and as I expected (we are in an election season), it was mostly a political campaign speech that no one believes will ever become fact. However, there was a portion that if the ideal was one that […]