Vote to fight rising costs

Vote to fight rising costs Published Brownsville Herald 3/12/2012 Our long negotiations with the Department of Veterans Affairs are over. A forensic review of our hospitalization account was ordered and it was noted that the vast majority of what we owed was already paid. We were, however, required to pay the posted late fees even […]

New battles over health care

Published Brownsville Herald 2/27/2012 This summer I will have lived in Brownsville 27 years, which is longer than I have lived anywhere else; that includes northern New York, Florida, several military postings in support of the war in Vietnam, Guam, New York City and northern New Jersey. When asked I proudly claim Brownsville as my […]

These oldies are still around

Tommy James & The Shondells can still be seen at Friday, March 23rd 2012 RIVER SPIRIT CASINO EVENT CENTER 7PM SHOWTIME Tulsa, Oklahoma Friday, May 18th 2012 JOHN A. WALKER COMMUNITY CENTER 8PM SHOWTIME Wilkesboro, North Carolina Friday June 8th 2012 SHOOTING STAR CASINO EVENT CENTER Mahnomen, Minnesota Friday, July 14th 2012 HEARTLAND EVENTS CENTER […]

Battles on the health-care front

Published Brownsville Herald 2/13/2012 Our insurance company refused to pay a recent medical charge, saying the document said Medicare was to pay the amount. As it happens, the Department of Veterans Affairs never collected it from Medicare and refused to present any other bill against my insurer. The company said that the document indicates that […]

ObamaCare isn’t paying – New Politics?

Original Feb 9. 2012 When the document was presented to Our Federal Blue Cross insurance, they refused to pay the amount because the document says that it is what Medicare pays. As it happens, the VA never collects it from Medicare and refuses to present any other bill against my Blue Cross. Blue Cross says […]

Politics and reality

Published Brownsville Herald 1/30/2012 Like many I watched the president’s State of the Union speech last Tuesday night and as I expected (we are in an election season), it was mostly a political campaign speech that no one believes will ever become fact. However, there was a portion that if the ideal was one that […]

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Yes he is still alive and well and will be appearing at NYCB Theatre at Westbury 960 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 8:00 PM. He will be playing around California early next year.

What makes a leader?

Published Brownsville Herald January 17, 2012 We now have a peek at what our political leaders and potential political leaders are like, and to be candid I am certainly less than happy with any of them, from the highest in the land to our local community. The best choice available will be the best of […]

New generation of politics

Published Brownsville Herald Jan 2,2012 I would like to wish you all a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Let us all take the coming election choices seriously in hopes our chosen candidates do not contribute in making the situation worse. Many of our neighbors seem to be deeply concerned with their perceptions of the […]

Chuck Berry is still Moovin’ and Groovin

Saturday, December 31st He is still with us! On NEW YEAR’S EVE CHUCK BERRY will be at the B. B. King’s Blues Club – New York, NY IN PERSON Only one show at 11 PM ! He can also be seen Wednesday, January 18th 2012 at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill – Saint Louis, […]

Looking for new leaders

Published Brownsville Herald December 19 2011 I was sitting at at my desk wondering where new honest political leaders can be found. The experience many have is that those that we hear about in public service are doing things we don’t approve of, are corrupt or just don’t get elected after spending substantial sums of […]

Thoughts on immigration

Published Brownsville Herald December 5, 2011 As I begin these thoughts it is Thanksgiving Day and I can smell all the goodies cooking in the kitchen. You can be sure I will give thanks for my family and those good friends who have remained true over the years, even during the rough spots. I have […]

Glad to be home

Published Brownsville Herald 11/21/2011 You never realize how much you miss home until you aren’t there and the ‘stuff’ that you don’t realize you don’t have just isn’t there. I am home now after having lived out of my laptop for three-plus months and my neglected home computer doesn’t have any of the new stuff. […]

Coming home

Published Brownsville Herald 10/31/2011 As I sit here watching game six of the World Series, I am considering a new life back home. I understand that I have progressed well enough to be able to go home as early as next week. I am so fortunate to have been allowed to enter the DeBakey Veterans […]

Thinking of home

Published Brownsville Herald 10/17/2011 I am again writing from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston and can report that my health is improving rapidly and I am getting used to being somewhat shorter than before. The staff here is working hard to provide me with the skills necessary to live a real life as […]