Can our returning warriors just survive or really return to life

Published 9/24/2011 I recently had an opportunity to see, first hand, how one of the premier Veterans Administration hospitals in the U.S. treats our injured servicemen. I found myself in the Michael E. DeBakey – Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in Houston. For the past few years I have been afflicted with a skin disease on […]

Website being improved

Please check back later. We are updating our Web site to be more interesting to our readrs. Thanks Fred Drew

Chuck Berry still with us

Chuck Berry, the father of Rock and Roll will be sharing his unique sound with us on New Year’s Eve. See him at B. B. King’s Blues Club in New York, Sat, Dec 31 8;00am booked and @ 11:00 pm > order soon. He began in the 50’s with his unique sound in an Alan […]

Fair migration is crucial

Published Brownsville Herald July 18, 2011 I have been re-reading many opinions related to immigration issues and listening to many that on other issues I usually agree with. One in particular is the excellent article some years ago in The Brownsville Herald titled “Immigrants still wanted in hard times.” Mr. Ruben Navarrette hit the nail […]

A new opportunity

Published Brownsville Herald July 4, 2011 Today is the 235th anniversary of our nation’s independence. It commemorates the day when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence from kingdom of England. The declaration had been prepared by the “Committee of Five”: John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Livingston […]

The election is coming

Published Brownsville Herald June 20, 2011 In the television news shows and talk shows, we are faced with all kinds of discussion from the talking heads and those who seek to gain from government, advocating change in the rules that govern and guide us all. These rules, comprising the U.S. Constitution, have been changed rarely […]

TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS back on the road

Remember “Crimson and Clover” see TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS, with MARK FARNER, FELIX CAVALIERE’S RASCALS Saturday, July 9th 2011 and MIAMI MEADOWS PARK, Miami Township, Ohio(Cincinnati) Friday, October 7th 2011 HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO Biloxi, Mississippi Check back for other appearances

Gerrymandering 2011

Published Brownsville Herald June 6, 2011 I have watched “redistricting 2011” with growing concern for our elected representatives. This political circus goes to great lengths to convince people that the outcome of an election is determined by our “masters” — the politicians who are the only ones who know what is good for us. It […]

A better future is possible

Published Brownsville Herald May 23, 2011 On May 14 Tony Martinez was elected mayor with a resounding majority of all the votes cast. All the other candidates together did not garner as many. It is very apparent that the community wanted new leadership with fresh clear ideas to move the community out of the rut […]

Join port birthday bash

Posted on 9 of May, 2011 by in Common Sense

Published Brownsville Herald May 9, 2011 You should visit the Port of Brownsville during its 75th anniversary celebration May 13. I cannot emphasize how important the port is to the community now and how valuable it could be to the whole region in the future. Because of that importance I suggest that anyone who lives […]

Good news at the port

Published Brownsville Herald April 25, 2011 Over the years I have been critical of the Port of Brownsville. We are now coming up on the 75th anniversary of the port and I can finally see the evidence of change for the better. This started with an invitation to attend the 75th anniversary celebration at the […]

Is ‘World Order’ possible?

Published Brownsville Herald April 11, 2011 In the press we are watching a human story of votes changed because one leadership wants more government programs of largess benefiting certain congressional districts to be included. This is part of the reality of daily political life and after an indoctrination of some weeks it seems normal. The […]

Yet another illegal war

Published Brownsville Herald March 28, 2011 President Obama recently started another illegal war. We’ve already had several such wars in Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly secretly elsewhere, that are drawing a great price in our dead children and the financial costs that have already pushed our poor financial condition to the brink. The president has […]

Politics 101 opens classes

Published Brownsville Herald March 14, 2011 Last weekend exploded into some real community politics that I thought was being washed from our community by changes at the polls. However, it seems that the “the government has to do it for me” attitude still prevails in our community and there are those that want to become […]

Free trade does not kill jobs

Published Brownsville Herald February 29, 2011 The best possible circumstances all result from free trade; the worst result from nanny government control. Those in favor of socialism often mis-describe, or just misunderstand, international trade. A September letter to the editor from Jesse Dorsett asserted that if President Lincoln were alive today he would have added […]